Ultimate Transportation Guide from Bangkok to Hua Hin – 2020

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Hua Hin is the locally famous seaside retreat with a tranquil and serene feel, perfect to relax your tired body and mind!

If you landed in Bangkok, there are few ways to get to your sandy getaway!


Whether you have just got off from the plane or wandering in the city centre, there is always buses available for your journey to Hua Hin!

  • From Suvarnabhumi Airport
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The modern and luxurious 24-seat coaches equipped with a toilet, strong air conditioning system and free water bottles are ready to take you directly to Hua Hin at an affordable price!

Fare: 340 Baht

Tickets: Service counter at Ground Floor, Gate 8

Departure time: 9 am (and every 1 hours and 30 minutes after)

Travel time: 3-4 hours or more (depending on traffic)

Note: Only luggage below 20kg are allowed to fit in the overhead compartment. You will be charged for extra luggages.

  • From Sai Tai Mai (Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal)
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If you are looking for cheaper travel, buses are available at the Sai Tai Mai from a fixed range of price depending on the bus company. However, the terminal is rather inconvenient and you might spend extra expenses to call for a taxi to get here.

Fares: 180-200 Baht (depending on company)

Departure time: Each company’s buses depart at a different time so be sure to check the timetable for the right bus to hop on!

  • Private company: 5 AM — 10 PM
  • Government company: 6 AM — 9 PM

Travel time: 3 hours or more, depending on traffic status


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The Hua Lamphong station offers three different ticket classes to Hua Hin from Bangkok. The fares varied depending on the class chosen. Trains are relatively slow but hey, you get to enjoy beautiful views along the way! Not to mention that most of the trains are air-conditioned, so you won’t feel sweaty!


  • First class: 600 Baht
  • Second class: 400 Baht
  • Third class: 150 Baht

Departure time: 8:05 AM — 10:50 PM

Traveling time: 4 hours


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Taxis are probably the easiest way to get to travel, you can book one for a specific or negotiated price at the airport or city centre.

Fares: Range from 1600 Baht on-wards (negotiable)

Travel time: 3 hours


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Minivans are accessible in various locations, hence it is quite easy to call for one. They are usually air conditioned but have limited capacities for both passengers and the baggage, which is not the best offer for those seeking a pleasant ride.

Fares: approximately 180 Baht

Locations:  Ekkamai, Khao San Road, Mo Chit New Van Terminal, Victory Monument BTS.

Travel time: 3-4 hours or more, depend on traffic

Note: Drivers working for companies tend to drive very fast, be sure to remind them to go slower if you value your life!

Rental cars

If you’re traveling in a group, renting a car will probably be the best option. You are in charge of the wheel and time before making a stop to Hua Hin, convenient right? Cars can be booked and rented at the airport, the price varies depending on the space for your passengers and luggage.


  • 5-people seats: approximately 1,200 Baht per day
  • 7-seater SUVs: approximately 1,500 Baht per day


If you want to get to Hua Hin as soon as possible, traveling by air is the best offer…with a large sum of money! The helicopters and charter jets takes only 35 minutes to reach Hua Hin airport! Fast but insanely expensive!

This article is published by Travelog.
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