A Must-Go For Shopaholics In Bangkok! Ultimate Shopping Guide At Terminal 21 – 2020

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As a shopping heaven, there are dozens of large shopping malls in Bangkok, from luxury shopping to budget shopping. BUT, there is one shopping mall you must not miss — Terminal 21. Terminal 21 is a themed shopping mall that brings the dream of traveling the world to downtown Bangkok. The mall entrance is designed like an airplane terminal and each floor’s design is inspired by the world’s most visited cities such as Rome, Paris, London, Istanbul, Tokyo, San Francisco and Hollywood. When you take an elevator to another floor, it’s like you take an airplane to another country. Sound fun right? There are more attractive features in Terminal 21 and this article will list them out by categorizing them into ‘Things to do’, ‘Where to Eat’ and ‘What to Buy’.

Here is the guide for you to discover the city theme of each floor:

Lower Ground Floor: Caribbean

Ground Floor: Rome

Mezzanine: Paris

First Floor: Tokyo

Second Floor: London

Third Floor: Istanbul

Fourth Floor: San Francisco (City)

Fifth Floor: San Francisco (Pier)

Sixth Floor: Hollywood

Terminal 21

Operating Hours: 10AM – 10PM (Daily)

Location: 88 Soi Sukhumvit 19, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand

How to get there: Take BTS to Asok station or Take MRT to Sukhumvit Station

Things To Do

Discover the Themed washrooms

Photo via Soranews24

We heard about café hopping but do you know there is a term called “toilet hopping”? Toilet hopping in Terminal 21 is a MUST to do! Yes, it sounds weird to explore a shopping mall washroom. But believe me, the washrooms on every floor are worth discovering. As I mentioned before, each floor of Terminal 21 has a different country style, so do the washrooms. The washrooms on every floors are luxuriously designed in their cultural themes and the cleaning staff are also meant to be dressed according to the country. I believe the washroom here is where most tourists take pictures.

-Movie date in the ‘Hollywood’

Apart from shopping and dining, you could go on a movie date with your family or friends at the SF Cinema.

Note: It is located at the 6th floor

Click here for the movie showtimes

Where To Eat?

-Pier 21 Food Court

This food court is located on the 5th floor of the mall, offering delightful Thai cuisine, with Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese options. Apart from the attractive themed washrooms, this food court is another reason for me to visit Terminal 21. First, the environment and decoration here are clean and bright with the theme of a fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco. The spacious seating area is surrounded by plenty of artificial trees and plants.

You must be thinking, having a meal in such an advanced environment, the food here must be expensive. NAH, I would say the food here is even cheaper than the roadside stalls. The famous Thai food Pad Thai (stir-fried rice noodle), pork and basil stir-fry with rice, beef noodle soup, and chicken rice are all start from around 35 baht. Not only the price, but the variety and quality also stand this food court out as well.

Note: You should first get a stored value card from the counter right in front of the entrance before you purchase the food in the food court. Cash is not acceptable at the food stalls. No worries, the balance is refundable.

-After You Dessert Café

Whether you are full or not, there’s always a room for dessert! After You Dessert needs no introduction especially for those who frequently visit Bangkok. I would say this dessert café is always the favourite café among tourists and the locals. Well, I can tell from the long queue outside the café and they are all here for the delicious thick toasts! After You has been launching new flavors of thick toast so you can choose according to your own taste. Of course, you can’t miss their signature one, Shibuya Honey Toast.

Note: It is located on the 1st floor. Don’t be scared by the long queue, the table turnover rate is quite fast.

-MK Restaurant

Are you a hot pot lover? If yes, you shouldn’t miss the famous Thai-style hot pot — MK Restaurant. MK Restaurant is literally the King of the hot pot in Thailand and it has total 448 branches all around the world. Well, the most attractive one is, the food here is GOOD and CHEAP.

Note: It is located on the 4th floor.


I believe everyone is familiar with this Thai milk tea brand, right? Not only in Thailand, there are many branches abroad as well. So even if you are not in Thailand, you can find this brand everywhere. HOWEVER, since you are already in Thailand, you still have to try their most authentic Thai milk tea. Besides, try also their amazing Thai Tea ice-cream!

Note: It is located on the LG floor.

-Dairy Queen

The famous “Upside down” ice cream from Dairy Queen is really SUPERB. Why “Upside down”? Dairy Queen claimed that their ice creams defy gravity. The ice cream is able to be flipped upside down without spilling one bit. It’s fun, right?

Note: It is located on the LG floor.

What To Buy?

-Eve and Boy

Attention beauties, this is the place you shouldn’t miss! Eve and Boy is kind of a Thai version of Sephora. There are more than 1,000 brands available here, with both mass and high-end options. Not only you can find the popular brands here, there are also a lot of Thai local cosmetic brands. Thai cosmetics have a reputation for being good quality and cheap price.

Note: It is located on the 3rd floor. If you are not satisfied with Eve and Boy, there are a lot more options for Thai beauty brands on the same floor, such as Beauty Buffet and Beauty Cottage.

-Madame Heng

Madame Heng is best known and respected for many years in Thailand, especially for its herbal soap. Their herbal soup is made of natural ingredients and does not contain chemical ones. No matter how many times I visit Thailand, the herbal soap is always my MUST-BUY thing. You can buy for own use and also buy as souvenirs. There are different product lines for different purposes. If you do not sure which to buy, you can try their signature one, the classic Merry Bell. Despite its strong smell, the soap works wonderfully for acne, especially on the back, as well as body odor improvement—an ideal skin soap for Asian skin in hot and humid climates.

Note: It is located on the LG Floor.

-Taokaenoi Land

Taokaenoi is one of Thailand’s most famous snacks and YES, The must-buy souvenir is here in Terminal 21. You can see this seaweed snack in Bangkok everywhere but the branch in Terminal 21 has the entire product lines.

Note: It is located on the LG floor.

-Fashion Guide for Ladies and Men

For ladies, most of the fashion boutiques are gathered on the 1st Floor (Tokyo). There are lots of super nice boutiques for you to discover here. The price may not as cheap as the clothes at night market or the wholesale market, but at least the quality of clothes is guaranteed here.

For gentlemen, the men’s department is on the 2nd floor (London). There are lots of street fashion brands for you to discover here.  

-Kiss Me Doll

This dreamy and elegant silk scarf brand is well known in Thailand. Their design style is always cute and dreamy so it is very popular among young girls. Some more, they always collab with adorable characters such as Mickey Mouse, Moomin, Sanrio etc. If you are a fan of silk scarf, you should visit this dreamy place.

Note: It is located on the 1st Floor.

This article is published by Travelog.
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