M’sian Doctor Shares How Irresposible Patient Hiding His History Of Attending The Tabligh Gathering

The Ministry of Health has been urging those who attended the tabligh gathering at Masjid Jamek Sri Petaling to do a screening as soon as possible without hiding their history.

Recently, a Malaysian doctor shared an incident on her Facebook regarding this issue. She condemned a Malay who try to hide his history of gathering at Masjid Jamek Sri Petaling.

Source: Free Malaysia Today

According to her Facebook post, a young patient went to the hospital with his father and claiming that he had difficulty in breathing. With a glance, the doctors knew something went wrong as the patient has very fast breathing, sweating and look very pale.

Thus, they asked the patient if he joined the tabligh gathering or any of his family members joined it. Both of them did not give an exact clear answer until the doctors forced them by keep asking them “are you sure?” Finally the man admitted that he did join the tabligh gathering, by saying that, “I joined but I’m fine nothing wrong with me.”

All the doctors get shock! They wanted to ask further questions but the man raised his voice up, telling that he was not sick and did not have any symptoms.

The doctor explained that the people who joined the tabligh gathering are actually not allowed to get into a safe zone. But the man lied and now he was in the safe zone! The conversation between them became more difficult because the patient was yelling and claiming he was not wrong to attend the tabligh. The doctors have to shout and made themselves louder to ask questions to get information as soon as possible.

After yelling and shouting he said he got his screening 1 day ago, but the results haven’t come out yet. In this case, it meant that the man was a suspected case and his result may be positive.

 “While waiting for results, home quarantine is needed till further notice. This guy obviously did not home quarantine himself. So this irresponsible guy just brought his son and he himself with possibly of positive to covid to a zone with patients and doctors without full PPE”

“You cannot do this, did u know many doctors are infected now? Other patients inside here are innocent. You should be quarantine u cannot come here,” said the doctor to the man.

After that, the doctor forced the patient removed from the safe zone because he refused to adhere to the procedures and about to be more aggressive towards the doctor.

They locked down our zone and shifted all other patients to other zones in less than 5 minutes. They moved the young patient to isolation room, wash and disinfect the zone immediately. All of the doctors in that zone had to change and shower from head to toe with new set of clothes.

Source: Astro Awani

The doctors ended up her post by appealing everyone to stay at home in order to avoid being infected with COVID-19, by these irresponsible and selfish people.

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