25 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Talad Neon Night Market – 2020

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Opened just a few years ago in Pratunam, Bangkok, Talad Neon Night Market has a similar vibe to Artbox; it is still a night market, but it is decorated with colourful, bright light fixtures and features a lot of Instagram-worthy food – no wonder it is a highlight among the tourists that bustle their way to Bangkok~ If you’ve visited Artbox and liked it, why not visit Talad Neon Night Market too? Though not like a traditional night market, it still has the basic elements with a few modern twists.

Continue reading on to find out 25 reasons on why we think you shouldn’t pass up on visiting Talad Neon Night Market when you’re visiting Bangkok!

FOOOOOOOOOD. Delicious, scrumptious street food.

What’s a night market without street food? Exactly. Check out these appetizing street food that you can find in Talad Neon Night Market; they’ll probably keep you drooling by the time you reach the end of this article.

1. Seafood galore! – Seafood Platter

Would you believe me if I told you this is a person’s portion of seafood? No?… Me neither! If you can get this amount of fresh seafood served to you, no doubt is it a steal!

2. Bingsu to cool off from the heat!

Not only are these super quirky and Instagrammable, but they are also super awesome to slurp on when the weather gets too hot, and you’re instantly craving for something cool. Get yourself a bingsu while you walk around the market.

3. Taiyaki – hot, soft goodness.

Great alternative as a sweet snack or dessert, taiyaki are Japanese fish-shaped pancakes that are typically filled with yummy sweet anko (red bean) fillings. Another popular flavour of taiyaki is the one with matcha (green tea) fillings. The versatility of the taiyaki makes it yummy in any flavour, so take your pick!

4. Grilled Tilapia Fish – taste the freshness of the sea.

Other than seafood platters, indulge yourself in the awesome grilled tilapia dish – the combination of the spicy chilli dish and the freshly grilled fish… the feeling is just indescribable.

5. Thai Milk Tea – so good and so refreshing!

You made it all the way to Bangkok, how could you pass something as cool and delicious as Thai Milk Tea? Treat yourself to a variety of flavours of Thai Milk Teas as you walk around Talad Neon Night Market, and if it’s that good, no harm getting another!

6. Spicy Pork Bone Soup for those who need some kick!

Have you tried Bangkok’s version of bak kut teh? Cooked with a spicy twist, this big portion of leng is enough to stimulate your taste buds and make you want more. Just make sure you can handle the spice though!

7. Cheese fries with lots of cheese.

Cheese and fries – another ideal combination in the food world. Not only are the fries soft on the inside, but they’re also topped with a generous amount of cheese sauce at the top. Mm!

8. Crispy Fried Banana Pancake – a sweet twist on a savoury treat.

Banana murtabak? Yes, please. Instead of being stuffed with meat fillings, this snack item is specially fried to crispy perfection and is best indulged when hot. I can already taste the sweet banana taste from here… you definitely need to give this awesome pancake a try!

9. Can’t get enough cheese? Add some delicious meat to it!

For a 100baht, you get this awesome bite of cut steak with cheese? Mm! Do note that the steak is actually made out of pork though. Nevertheless, they still taste as delicious as they look!

10. Beautifully designed chocolate souvenirs!

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Edible chocolate 😋💙 #nurBKKmarch2018

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Have you ever seen chocolate that’s this beautifully decorated? This definitely stands out in comparison to all the other chocolate gifts we bring back home to our families! Their cuteness might make it hard for some of us to eat them…

11. Freshly fried chicken.

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? For the price you pay, you get a generous amount of flavourful fried chicken – a win-win situation!

12. Treat yourself to a signature Thai dessert – Mango Sticky Rice!

Thailand is known as mango heaven for obvious reasons – their delicious mangoes. This dessert, though on the heavier side, not only fills up that empty space you’ve saved up for dessert but also sweetens your day with a generous amount of condensed milk and the sweet, golden mango taste. Check out Mango Fu – they have refreshing fruit smoothies too!

13. Thai Boat Noodles – another signature dish not to be missed!

If you’re a big fan of spicy flavours, you need to get yourself a bowl of Thai boat noodles. The pop of flavours will tingle your senses in the best way possible.

Games, Rides, Music – FUN EVERYWHERE!

This is the element that probably makes it different from the local street night markets – there are a lot of cool and fun things to do here!

14. Surround yourself with some of the cutest and coolest animals at the Mini Zoo Exhibition!

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At least you dare to touch ! Wow

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Talad Neon holds a few events annually, and one of the really popular ones include this mini zoo exhibition!

Over here, patrons can view and pet a few cool animals, like guinea pigs, sugar gliders, snakes and even ferrets! However, try not to feed the animals as they may risk suffering from overfeeding which can cause serious problems for the animals later. Also, please do handle the animals with the utmost care!

15. Henna art!

Always wanted to get a tattoo, but too afraid of the pain? Here’s a cute and traditional, painless alternative – henna art! Get a temporary yet beautiful henna piece drawn on your skin by these amazing henna artists, and show them off to your friends and family later on! However, please be aware if you had prior allergy reactions to henna ink before doing this.

16. Snapping Instagram photos with the beautifully lit neon trees!

Beautifully lit up at night, these neon trees and that night shot mode on your camera or phone will be just the things you need to add that extra pop of colour in your social media feed. Unleash your inner model as you have fun taking your Instagram OOTDS here!

17. Massage time!

Photo via: Massage at Neon (Facebook)

Feeling tired from all that walking and shopping around Talad Neon Night Market? Head on over to Massage @ Neon, and enjoy a rooftop foot massage, guaranteed to make you feel rejuvenated as you lay back with your aching muscles attended to. You may check out their Facebook here for more updates!

18. Carnivals! Nuff said.

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Talad Neon Night Market 🎡🎠

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As mentioned earlier, Talad Neon Night Market occasionally holds a few events, including carnivals! Be on the lookout on what kind of carnivals are being held when you’re visiting Bangkok, and you may be able to enjoy rides such as the Ferris wheel and the carousel!

19. Trendy haircuts!

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QB house, thai version 👌🏻

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Ever had a barber/hair salon experience at a night market overseas? Me neither!

Come get your hair cut here in Talad Neon Night Market, where you can choose from a variety of hairstyles and patterns from various barbershops here.

20. Listen to some live tunes from some buskers!

You’ll find some really talented artists in Talad Neon Night Market, like the man above who is a talented ventriloquist and singer! Let the music serenade you while you continue exploring the trendy night market.

Last, but NEVER least, it’s time to SHOP TILL YOU DROP!

What is a night market without shopping for cheap and unique grabs? Here are some of the things that we’ve found interesting that you might want to add to your shopping list:

21. Customised Passport Holders

Want to give your passport a change of “clothes”? Get your own personalised passport holder here at an affordable price; take your pick at the various colours laid out for you, and the accessory you like and the craftsman will get working on it as soon as they can!

22. Lightbulbs!

These lightbulbs can brighten up anyone’s mood, just based on the reason that they’re that beautiful when lit up. Definitely a very interesting item to pick up.

23. Food-themed earrings

Okay, how cute are these accessories?! No matter what you’re craving today, tomorrow or the days after that, wear what you feel like eating with these adorable earrings. There are also non-food themed earrings if you’re not into them.

24. Bags to suit your every need!

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Bangkok’s street markets are hot as shopping paradises for a reason – they’re affordable, cheap and the quality is there too! Get a bag that looks good for more shopping, or simply just get one as a souvenir.

25. Shop for the latest trends in the fashion world!

Photo via:

Fashionistas will be interested in checking out some cute and interesting fashion pieces here in Talad Neon Night Market. What makes it better is that they’re – again – affordable and so in-style!

If you’ve already been successfully convinced to visit Talad Neon Night Market, here is the information you need to make your way there:

Talad Neon Night Market
1087 ถนน เพชรบุรีตัดใหม่ Khwaeng Makkasan, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand.
Operation Hours: 4:00PM to 12:00AM (Wednesdays to Sundays, Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays)
Transportation: Chitlom BTS Station

NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know by email and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!

This article is published by Travelog.
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