20 Best Local Food in Pratunam Bangkok That’ll Leave You Drooling – 2020

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Pratunam isn’t just the paradise for shopping lovers, it is also a hidden treasure for hungry foodies! No need to worry about the wide selections, we have the best restaurants and dishes chosen just for you!

1.Gongtong Café

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This charming and quirky cafe is definitely to your liking! Not only the cafe is filled with comforting ambience, their homemade dishes are always served bursting with vibrant colours! In addition, it was said that each themed dish tells different stories of Thailand’s history. The prices may not be cheap, but it is definitely worth it when you get to savor these appetizing Thai cuisine!

Address: 30/8 Phetchaburi 15 Alley, Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Opening hours: 8am – 9.30pm


2.Lung Prathunam Boat Noodle

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Boat noodles are one dish that showcase Thailand’s cultural and geographical conditions, and it is a must-to-eat in Thailand! The boat noodles here are handed down by father to daughter, and rest assured for the taste remains as good as the old! Hidden away within the dark alley, they offer 6 different broths and 8 different types of noodles as well as a variation of side dishes to add.

Address: 958/3 Phetchaburi Rd, Khwaeng Makkasan, Khet Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

Opening hours:  8am – 5pm

3.Pe Aor Tom Yum Kung

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If you want to taste the originality of Tom Yum soup, then head for Thailand! Or more specifically, HERE! And if one bowl couldn’t tingle your tongue, how about a huge one, paired with various gigantic seafood such as mussels, lobsters, salmon, squid, an egg and rice noodles! If you are not a fan of spices, there are also other Thai dishes to try.

Address: 68, 51 Phetchaburi Rd, Thung Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Tuesday – Sunday); Closed on Mondays

4.Khao Kha Moo Truk Sun

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Pork lovers are thrilled to be here! This stall serves the best and flavourful traditional Khao Kha Moo dish that makes you yearn for seconds! Their trotter meat is insanely tender and savory, when eating with white rice becomes the perfect combination! They also serve other dishes such as soups and crispy pork rice.

Address: 23 ซอย ราชดำริ1 Khwaeng Lumphini, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand

Opening hours: 8am – 5pm (Monday – Saturday); Closed on Sundays

5.The Place 168

Photo via: the place 168 (FB)

Located near the Pratunam Market, this humble yet comfy shop offers a variety of authentic Thai dishes that includes their signature gigantic bowls of Tom Yum soup, filled with meatballs, seafood, eggs, noodles and many surprises!

Address: 19/1 Juldis Mansion Petchburi 19 rd. Phyathai Rajthevee, 10400 Bangkok, Thailand

Opening hours: 10.30am – 9.30pm


6.Tomyam Paa Nga (Halal)

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This friendly stall serves Halal Tom Yum for Muslim travellers! Their soup is rich and flavourful with a glint of authentic taste, inside the soup you can find many seafood and vegetables to enjoy! The servings are quite large, enough to satisfy your rumbling stomach!

Address: ซอย กําจาย เอี่ยมสุรีย์ Khwaeng Suriya Wong, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand

Opening hours: 7pm – 8pm


7.Kuang Heng Chicken Rice

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Kuang Heng’s chickens do not have the same fragrance that other shops’ chicken rice have, but there is sweetness to the meat you bite! Their secret? Special sauce and pepper!

Aside from the chicken rice, their satay and fried chicken are also hot picks! Be warned that you have to wait in queues for the delicious food!

Address: 930 Petchburi Rd. Ratchathewi, 10400 Bangkok, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily 24/7


8.Midnight Kaiton

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If you want to eat chicken rice stall but hate to wait in queues, then head for this stall that sells not only chicken rice, but also fried chicken and stew. The meat is tender and combined with their special sauces, it’s a new taste from heaven! As its name implies, this stall only opens after 7pm, perfect for those who wished for supper at a late night.

Address: 986 Phetchaburi Rd, Khwaeng Makkasan, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand

Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 7pm to 4am; Sundays 7pm to 12am

9.Somtam Nua

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Papaya salad is a popular dish in Thailand, and this place sells a variety of papaya salad at an affordable price. You can also add other ingredients to your liking, and when eaten with rice, creates different complementing flavours to enjoy. The restaurant also serves other Thai cuisine that are appetizing to eat as well!

Address: 392, 14 Siam Square Soi 5, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Opening hours: 10.45am – 9.30pm

10.XiangJi Thai Food

Photo via: XiangJiThaiFood (FB)

This popular roadside stall is not only cheap, but also offers a wide range of Thai cuisine to choose from! From fried rice noodles, Tom Yum soup in coconut shells, grilled seafood and many more! Though it will take a while for your seat, but you can definitely enjoy your food within minutes!

Address: 101/11-12-13 Soi Saengkan Rajchaprarop Rd.,Phayathai,Ratchathwi,BKk. 10400, Makkasan, Krung Thep, Thailand

Opening hours: 11.30am – 11pm


11.Saneeya Thai Muslim Food

Photo via: SaneeyaHALALFOOD (FB)

Another Muslim-friendly restaurant is on the list! Saneeya Thai Muslim Food offers a variety of dishes that includes juicy chickens with rice and the super large seafood Tom Yum bowl! Aside from Thai food, they also serve Western cuisines too! Additionally, the restaurant include a prayer room for the convenience of our Muslim friends!

Address: 41/15 soi Somprasong Phayathai ,Ratchathewi, Bangkok, 10400 Bangkok, Thailand

Opening hours: 7 am – 12 am


12.The SQUARE @ Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam

Photo via: ikn1ght (IG), NovotelBangkokPlatinum (FB)

If you are a seafood fanatic then you’ll absolutely enjoy the all-day seafood buffet at Novetel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam! They have Crab ‘N Prawn Dinner Buffet on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as Seafood Brunch Buffet on Sundays; what a paradise for seafood lovers! Families with children are reminded that those under six years old are free of charge~

Address: 220 Petchaburi Rd, Ratchathewi, 10400 Bangkok, Thailand (Coordinates here)

Opening hours: 12pm – 3pm


13.Jack’s Seafood Buffet

Photo via: Jack’s Seafood (FB), yiwenesther (IG), cherlyteh1013 (IG)

It’s time for a seafood BBQ party at Jack’s Seafood Buffet! Grab your fresh, big seafood from a variety of choices of crabs, mussels, prawns, squids and even shellfish to your table and enjoy your food in anyway you like! Grill them on the charcoal stove or make them into a seafood hotpot!

Address: Pratunam, Soi Watthana Sin, Behind Centara Watergate Pavilion Hotel, 10400 Bangkok, Thailand

Opening hours: 5pm – 11pm



Photo via: LiquidShaDow @ Small Potatoes Make The Steak Look, freeskier_jini (IG), maysarapong (IG)

You may think that it is a French restaurant from the name, but this place sells authentic Thai cuisines! Their signature dishes are beef and fish egg boat noodle soup, in which the beef is specifically imported from Australia, bringing in a different taste from normal beef boat noodle soup. Other appetizing Thai dishes include spring rolls, leek dumplings and most importantly, mango rice!

Address: 153, 1st Floor, Penninsula Plaza, Ratchadamri Rd., Lumpini Sub-District, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening hours: 11am – 8pm

15.Pondtip Pratunam

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Tired of having chicken rice? How about some duck cuisine for a change? Pondtip Pratunam serves marinated duck on noodles and rice, complete with a special sauce that brings a whole new flavour to the dish. Of course, if you still prefer chicken over duck, you can opt for their fried or white chicken rice that is incredibly popular!

Address: 922-924 New Petchburi Rd, Makkasan, Ratchatewee, 10400 Bangkok, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily from 6am to 9pm


16.Sawang Noodles

Photo via: sawangpratunam (FB), Daniel Food, Maria Wulff Hauglan @

Used to be known as Bamee Sawang, now named Sawang Noodles is best known for their wantan mee dishes in which their noodles are springy when chewed, complete with pork meat or seafood, and modestly-flavoured sauce. The Stewed Pork Leg Over Rice dish is also recommended as the tender meat brings out a nice flavour from soaking in the gravy.

Address: 982 Phetchaburi Rd, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Opening hours: 9:30 am – 11 pm


17.BOYY & Son

Photo via: natnichapp (IG), boyyandsoncafe (IG), duejira (IG)

If you are searching for a place for an afternoon tea after a long day shopping, Boyy & Son is the perfect choice! Located at Gaysorn Village, this stylish and instagrammable cafe serves an array of pastries with another wide selection of drinks. Tag your girl-friends along to this chic and fashionable cafe now!

Address: BOYY 127 Unit L00-01 GAYSORN Tower2 Lumphini Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm

18.Platinum Mall Foodcourt

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Platinum Mall’s food court is beyond your expectations! It is clean, air-conditioned, and you’ll get to eat dishes from famous hawkers at a reasonable price! Some recommended dishes include the Stewed Beef Claypot Noodle, which features tender meat and savory broth, and the crispy Fried Omelette that is cooked with a variety of seafood.

Ps: The foodcourt is located on the 6th floor!

Address: 222 (Pratunam) Petchaburi Road, Ratchathevee, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours: Daily, 10am to 10pm

19.Chili Hip Bangkok Restaurant & Walk Bar

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This restaurant offers the cheapest rooftop dinner experience compared to the others. The chic and elegant decoration on the rooftop is the best place to enjoy a night dining alfresco whilst gazing at the beautiful and mesmerizing city scenery. Be sure to try their Tom Kha Ghai soup, Chili Dome chocolate Mousse and fusion cocktails from the Walk Bar!

Address: 567 Rachaprarop Rd., Makkasan, Bangkok 10400, Thailand


20.Pratunam Food Street

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It is said that the ideal way to experience authentic local cuisine is through street food. The Pratunam Food Street near the Big C Supermarket sells a variety of food and snacks that caters to each individuals’ preference. From staple rice noodles, sweet potato balls and even coffee and milk tea are among the selections. It was noted that the food vendors in the morning differs in the night.

Address:  Ratchadamri Road, next to Big C Supermarket

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