20 Fun Things To Do In Malaysia For Your Next Girls’ Day Out 2020

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Ladies, what you plan to do with your girls after the MCO lifted? Already missing them?

Besties are sisters from another mother, they are our backbone and support system. Hence, day out with your girls must be well spend. If you are lack of idea on what to do, here’re 20 fun things that you can do with your girls for your next girl’s day out. Now, you can sit back and start to plan for your next day out!

#1 Picnic time!

What better outdoor activity to kick off the warm weather with than having a picnic in the park? Simply prepare some snacks and here we go picnic! Not only are you relaxing in the sun, but you get to enjoy great company and delicious food as well. Laying down on a cozy blanket while eating chips and hummus sounds like an ideal weekend plan.

Suggestions: Perdana Botanical Garden, KLCC Park, The Central Park Desa Park City

#2 Spa-day

Besties who spa together, stay together! Everybody loves to be pampered, you don’t need a reason to unwind with your girls. Just put the robes on, relax, get a facial treatment, followed by a full-body massage, then seal it off with a mani-pedi.  Ohh, what a day!

Suggestions: Ossoto Spa, Urban Retreat Spa, Lavish Spa

#3 Attend craft workshop together

What’s better than learning something new together with your girlfriends? Apart from spending quality time with your squad, you get to bring home what you created together throughout the workshop. It will be something really memorable for you all.

Suggestions: The Weekend Workshop, Beary Potter Studio

#4 Sweat together!

This is specially designed for outdoor goers. If you would like to seeking some serious fun in the sun, look no further than Skytrex Adventure. These zip line obstacle courses consist of extreme outdoor activities such as rope climbing and flying fox in the middle of the lush greenery.

If you would like to enjoy the really challenging and sweaty activities, hiking will be the one. The view is all well worth the effort when you finally stand right at the top of the mountain.

Suggestions: SkyTrex, Bukit Tabur Hiking

#5 Watch stand up show

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Yesterday was my very very virgin experience visiting a Standup Comedy Club at 🤭🤭 . . And since a lot of you are PM asking me about how was it… Well, I would describe it this way… . . Just imagine you are watching a comedy movie with your date except everything is in REAL LIVE ACTION theatre style, with WAY BETTER selections on food and drinks choices (btw I ordered beer and the salty egg fries is dayum finger-licking good) . . Don’t worry about starving yourself, as long as you can handle it without choking yourself you could actually order their burger and start munching while laughing 😂🍔🍛 (which I can’t so I ordered fries only) 😋😋 . . It’s really one of the perfect dates without needing to kill your wallet seriously😌😌 Better than comedian movies lah 😬😬👌🏻 So it can be a new date planning for you GUYS (dont day no give you new ideas on how to bring a girl to dates) . . Most importantly these jokers are really hilarious to the max @itshenryc @abe_latte @therashidsalleh @faridazmeir @harithiskander 🤣🤣🤣 . . You can see it from their faces that they are enjoying making us stressed out people laugh by making lots of 💩💩💩 up 😆😆😆 . . Thank you for making a wonderful night for us, superb hospitality and we will definitely drop by again some time! ✨✨✨ The pleasure is all mine to also see @harithiskander in action in real life, as the first time I saw him was actually from the Panadol Activ Fast advertisement 😬😬😬 . . #ThankYou #MakingShitUp #StandUpComedy #StandUpComedyClub #StandUpComedyClubMalaysia #TheJokeFactory #Reviews #FoodBlogging #FoodReviews #SHxSF

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As the saying goes, ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and most of us want to have a good laugh. The stand-up scene in Klang Valley is mushrooming, there are more and more live venues and annual festivals that is on going now. One of the famous one will be Harith Iskandar that base at The Joke Factory in Publika. Harith Iskandar is the godfather of Malaysian stand-up comedy. He has been performing for more than 20 years and continues to come up with unique jokes loved by local and global audiences. 

Suggestions: The Joke Factory, Crack House KL

#6 Flea Market

Looking for a shopping opportunity with a twist? Vinyl records, vintage pieces, handmade accessories, all of that good stuff. Unlike the ordinary night market, with their quirky wares and the potential for hidden gems, here will be a unique shopping experience you can have with your girl friends.

Where to go? Amcorp Mall in PJ ! This mall it’s just like an flea markets, this vast collection of vendors has been going strong since the mall opened in 1998. Or if you like Japanese stuff more, you can head to Jalan Jalan Japan. They are the biggest Japanese bundle shop in Malaysia and they have 5 outlets across Klang Valley too.

Suggestions: Amcorp Mall, Jalan Jalan Japan

#7 Road Trip

This is a must-do in the list! Honestly, what is a better way to bond with the sister squad than going for a road trip together? You can have a day trip to the outskirt of the city like Sasaran and Sekinchan or rent a villa and stay for a night, recharge yourself with the sister squat energy. You will found out you get stronger and better with their support as backbone.

Suggestions: Sasaran day trip, Sekinchan day trip

#8 Take some Insta-worthy pictures at cafe

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#hellochewie 😋

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Nothing beats comfort to the soul than having good-looking and good-tasting food on the weekends with your BFFs! Momo KL is somewhere really Instagram-able; Niko Neko Matcha is the heaven for Matcha lovers while Chewie Mellow is for desserts lovers. Dress up, catch up and take some Insta-worthy pictures to update your IG will simply brighten up your day.

Suggestions: Momo KL, Niko Neko Matcha, Chewie Mellow

#9 Glamping

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Take a break, and stay with us!

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Glamping is the new travel trends now, have you heard of it? If you’ve always wanted to camp without forsaking the comforts of modern facilities, then perhaps glamorous camping or ‘glamping’ is for you! From treetop cabins to tents with air conditioning, here’s where to go camping in style with your BFFs! Escape the rush of the city to the welcoming glistening stars and cool mist of dusk and dawn with your besties.

Suggestions: Glamz at Genting, Time Capsule Retreat, Sekeping Serendah

#10 Food haunt at Petaling Street

You’re not exploring Kuala Lumpur until you get a taste of the local food heritage. If you’re a KLite of any caliber, chances are you will know at least one place within Petaling Street that serves great food. Ask your besties along and let’s explore this heritage food street once again.

Suggestions: Song Kee’s Beef Ball Noodles, Lai Fong Beef Noodles, Madras Lane Yong Taufu, Madras Lane Curry Laksa

#11 Bake together

Baking with BFFs is fun! No matter you are beginner or expertise in bakery, you will definitely enjoy the fun to bake with your besties. All the ingredients and materials will be provided and the best part is you don’t even need to clean up the mess after that!

Suggestions: ABC Cooking Studio, Bake’in, My Weekend Plan

#12 Wine Testing

Wine tasting is innovative, educational, fun and ideal for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and of course for a girls’ day out. Have fun with your girls and immerse yourselves in the world of the exquisite wine.

Suggestions: Vintry, Sitka Restaurant, Private Room

#13 Explore some hidden bar in the city

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Awesome place create awesome us 👭

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Want some adventure with your besties? How about hunt for Kuala Lumpur’s trendiest and latest speakeasy hidden bars? These bars hidden behind vending machines, in small alleys, creepy shop lots and more! Be warned that the bars can be hard to find because after all.. they are meant to stay hidden.

Suggestions: Miss Daisy, Here Bar KL, Suzie Wong, PS150, The Attic Bar

#14 Theme park

How’s a theme park day out with your besties sounds to you? There is so much fun right? There are few of theme parks there in Klang Valley, one of the famous one would be Sunway Lagoon. Whether you are aged 8 or 80, with over 80 attractions spread across 88 acres, Sunway Lagoon will surely provides the ultimate theme park experience for you.

Don’t feel like want to go out into the sun? How about an indoor one? Originating from Finland, Superpark is a 40,000 sq ft arena housing 26 activities including air hockey, wall climbing, flying fox, and mega-sized trampolines. Whether wall climbing or street basketball, you all will guaranteed to have great time here.

Suggestions: Sunway Lagoon, Super Park

#15 Watch movie

I know, watch a movie doesn’t sound attractive right? But this GSC’s Aurum Theatre is definitely something you and your besties should try on. Aurum Theatre is GSC’s latest theatre, and it’s newest opening is in The Gardens Mall at Mid Valley, replacing the GSC Signature that used to be there.

Aurum The Gardens Mall has 7 halls that are split into three different types which are two Comfort Cabin halls that feel a lot like an upmarket Gold Class experience and three Escape Studios that each come in a different design theme. But what’s so special about this theater? With their seat, you can fully recline these into a flat position with two pillows and a fleece blanket and watch your favorite movie. The price also come with a pass to let you can eat at the exclusive restaurant in the theater itself too.

But of course, the price isn’t cheap though. In any case, a ticket to get into either the Comfort Cabin or the Escape Studio will set you back RM120 while if you opt for the Getha Lux Suites it will cost RM150 per ticket.

#16 Special dining experience

Looking for a special dining experience with your girls squat? Here we have 3 suggestions for you!

Dining in the dark, as you know from the name, it is a restaurant that allow you to dine in total darkness. It means you will not know what will be on their plate until the ‘revelation’ after the meal. Besides, you will also be greeted by visually-impaired person, who will be guiding you on how to navigate through your meal. Adventurous dining experience huh?

More adventurous one? Then must be this! Experience this fine dining with a unique twist at Dinner In The Sky in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which combines sightseeing and delicious food. Guests are strapped into seats welded to a table attached to a crane and drawn up to 50 metres in the air!

For you that afraid of height or dark, maybe BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah is something you look forward to. If you and your BFFs are outdoor enthusiast, the thought of having lunch under the shades of tree surrounded by bodies of water is something special that you all should experience here.

Suggestions: Dining in the Dark, Dining in the Sky, BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah

#17 Do some charity work

Spending a day out with besties can be something meaningful too! Spend some time volunteering yourself at these places that need the extra hands not only bring laughter to others but also the inner peaceful in your heart.

Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) is a non-religious community action group that distributes food, basic medical aid and counselling to the homeless and urban poor of Malaysia. While PAWS Animal Welfare Society is a non-profit animal shelter in Petaling Jaya that receive the surrender of unwanted dogs and cats. They vaccinate, deworm, neuter/spay, and put up for adoption for all the animals here.

Suggestions: Kechara Soup Kitchen, PAWS Animal Welfare Society, De Luxe Retirement Home, Pertiwi

#18 Afternoon tea

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Afternoon Tea

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For us Malaysians, having tea time is one of the most favourite things we do with our BFFs. Those delicious mini sandwiches and exquisite desserts are just heavenly. In KL, we’re pretty spoilt for choices when it comes to Afternoon High Tea. Hotels like Majestic, Four Seasons and Grand Hyatt are also offering this as a leisurely afternoon affair or a great way to entertain visiting friends.

Suggestions: Majestic Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Grand Hyatt Hotel

#19 Go-Kart

There’s nothing like the rush you get from kart racing games. Go kart racing is a game that involves the principle of aerodynamic, making the drivers feel as though they are flying around the track (rest assured that it is totally safe). Ask all your girls out and have a game of pushing the machine to the limit, out-racing each other for the victory! 

Suggestions: Blastacars Malaysia, Pinacle Kart, City Karting

#20 Art jamming

Some people jam to music but this time, you jam to art! Art jamming is probably one of the most therapeutic and enjoyable things you can do this weekend either by yourself or with your besties. Art classes were once reserved only for our childhood memories of sitting in an enclosed room filled with acrylic paint fumes.

Now, it’s become a famous activity that can let adults and children to enjoy together. Or even a group of adults sipping on some wine while painting a starry night sky.

Suggestions: Art & Bonding, Asteque, The Studio at KL

NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know by email and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!

This article is published by Travelog.
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