16 Must-Visit Floating Markets in Bangkok 2020

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Visiting to floating market is a must while travelling in Bangkok!  Enjoy yourself in a unique shopping experience, taking a boat tour and purchase the local products from a passing boat!

There are a variety of floating markets and all of them have become a great tourist attraction in Bangkok. Not sure where to travel?  We’re now providing you a checklist and you may use this as a guideline for a perfect tour in Bangkok.

1)Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

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Damnoen Saduak floating market is the most popular floating market in Thailand which always been the first choice of tourists when going to visit a floating market in Bangkok. This market is a great place for shopping as it full of boats selling traditional Thai food and local products. If you’re in travel photography, the colourful scene of Damnoen Saduak floating market is definitely a perfect shooting location.

How to get there? As this market is about 100 kilometres away from Bangkok, it is highly recommended to join a day tour. 

Location: Damnoen Saduak, Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi 70130, Thailand

Opening hours: 7am-5pm (Daily)

2) Amphawa Floating Market

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Amphawa floating market is also one of the popular markets in Bangkok. Compared to Damnoen Saduak, most visitors to this market are Thai residents so it’s more like a local market than a tourist spots. This market is famous for seafood, selling a variety of local seafood such as shrimps, shellfish, squids and much more. After finished shopping and eating, you can get a longtail boat cruise to enjoy the surrounding scene along the river!

How to get there? Take a taxi or minivan directly to the market. Otherwise, take a bus from Sounthern Bus Terminal to Samut Sonkhram town, and then take a taxi to reach the market.

Location: Amphawa, Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram 75110, Thailand

Opening hours: 11am-9.30pm (Fri, Sat & Sun)

3) Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market

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This floating market is smaller than other markets with only a few boats parked along the river banks. Bang Nam Pheng is barely described as “floating” market as most of the stalls located on the river bank. However, it is definitely a perfect place to enjoy peaceful and modest life because this market is not as crowded as other larger markets with the majority of Thai residents. 

How to get there: Taking BTS to Bang Na station and then take a taxi from the station to Bang Nahmpeung. After that, board a ferry to reach the market.

Location: อบต บางน้ำผึ้ง Bang Nam Phueng, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand

Opening hours: 7am-4pm (Sat &Sun)

4) The Kha Floating Market

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If you are looking for a relaxing floating market that isn’t crowded with tourists, The Kha floating market is a right choice for you! There are fewer visitors and crowd in this market, the customers here are mainly Thai residents, and the seller on the boats are mostly elderly Thais.  This market is much more modest than other market with a natural surrounding and local feeling.

How to get there? Take a taxi is the best way to get to the market in around 1 hour

Location: Tha Kha, Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram 75110, Thailand

Opening hours: 6am-3pm (Sat & Sun)

5) Taling Chan Floating Market

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Taling Chan located only 12 km from downtown Bangkok, and is one of the floating markets that remain the authentic feelings. You can ride the longtail boat cruise around the nearby klongs (canals), explore the Thai culture as well as enjoy the delicious foods and buying souvenirs from the boat next to you. If you feel tired, you can simply get a comfortable food massage service on the boats!

How to get there? Take BTS to Wongwian Yai Station, and then get a taxi directly to the market. You can also take the public bus No.79 which will pass through several major tourist attractions and reach the market directly.

Location: 300 Soi Chak Phra 17, Khwaeng Khlong Chak Phra, Khet Taling Chan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10170, Thailand

Opening hours: 8am-6pm (Sat & Sun)

6) Khlong Lat Mayom

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Khlong Lat Mayon is traditional medium-size market located only 20 kilometres from Bangkok. It is not as large as others market but it’s a local market in deed which has only few foreign tourists around. You will have a plenty of Thai local food choice at Khlong Lat Mayopm floating market. Enjoy the pandan coconut sweet pudding for only 10 baht! Looking for some speciality? Try pla pao!  A Thai salt crusted grilled fish. After that have a sweet toddy palm juice, a fresh colourless and minty-smelling drink with a milky texture.

How to get there: Take the BTS Skytrain to Bang Wa station, after that take a taxi to arrive market in 15 minutes only.

Location: 30/1 หมู่ที่ 15 Bang Ramat Rd, Bang Ramat, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170, Thailand

Opening hours: 7am-5pm (Sat & Sun)

7) Bang Khla Floating Market

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A floating market full of country charm as it located around 100 kilometers from the capital of Bangkok. Although there is only few tourists due to the great distance to get there, Bang Khla floating market remain its authentic feeling. In this market, you can just immerse yourself in the nature and relaxing local culture. If you’re looking for the famous food here, try the local fish, seafood and mangoes!

How to get there? Take the train from Phayathai to Chachoengsao Junction, and then take a taxi for the rest of the way to the market.

Location: ถนน Thetsaban Phatthana 1 Alley, Bang Khla, Bang Khla District, Chachoengsao 24110, Thailand.

Opening hours: 8am-6pm (Sat & Sun)

8) Bang Nok Kweak Market

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With the rustic building and country houses built on the river, Bang Nok Kweak market is a place where you can experience the old times of Bangkok. It is also one of the old riverside markets with only few of tourists. You can enjoy the local culture, tradition and variety of Thai foods here. A boat tour on Mae Klong River is also a must-do activity in this market.

How to get there? Take the train from Bang Bamru station to Ratchaburi, after that take a taxi to reach the market. Otherwise, you can also depart from Amphawa by travelling north on Highway 6006 to the market.

Location: 21-22/1 Bang Nok Kwaek, Bang Khonthi District, Samut Songkhram 75120, Thailand

Opening hours: 9am-4pm (Sat &Sun)

9) Ayutthaya Klong Sa Bua Floating Market

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A peaceful market located in Ayutthaya province. There is only a little food seller on the boats along the river and most of the stalls are located on solid ground. This floating market is characterized by the fact that it is the only market in Thailand where culture show presented over the water surface. You will be definitely amazed by the Water Theater! The price for the theatre show is only 50baht for adults and 30 baht for children.

How to get there? Board the train from Hua Lamphong to Ayutthata, and then take a 20 minutes’ walk to the market.

Location: Thra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13000, Thailand

Opening hours: 10am – 5.30pm (Sat, Sun & Public holiday)

10) Bang Noi Floating Market

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Bang Noi floating market is a 100-year-old market in Samut Songkram Province where you can admire the traditional lifestyle of Thai people. It is a small community with lots of traditional wooden house along the river bank, and fewer sellers as well as visitors. Variety of famous tasty food and souvenirs such as local food, fruits and clothes are selling here with reasonable price.

How to get there? Taking train from Bang Bamru station to Ratchaburi, and then take a taxi to reach the market. The whole journey takes around 2 hours.

Location: Kradangnga, Bang Khonthi District, Samut Songkhram 75120, Thailand.

Opening hours: 6am-6pm (Sat &Sun)

11)Kwan Riam Floating Market

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The newest floating market in Bangkok! It opened in 2012 and one of the most vibrant floating markets. The market is fulled of fresh and tasty Thai food like tako, mango, Thai tea, Kuoy Tiew Reua and sticky rice. Not only food, there was a decent variety of attractions worth visiting there such as Thai cultural and dance show, petting zoo and horse riding for children.

How to get there? Take the train from Phaya Thai to Ban Thap Chang, and then take a taxi to reach the market.

Location: Ramkhamhaeng 185 Alley, Min Buri, Bangkok 10510, Thailand

Opening hours: 7am-6pm (Sat & Sun)

12) Muang Boran Floating Market

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The traditional way of riverside Thai life is greatly showcased in Muang Boran floating market. You will have a chance to take a look on the peaceful lifestyle of residents living along the river and how they move on water transport in their daily life. The whole market and the people on both sides of river are connected by the wooden bridges. The most famous part of this market is the architecture of the wooden house and buildings along the river.

How to get there? You can simply take the free bikes or a taxi to reach the market.

Location: 296/1 Sukhumvit Road, Bangpoo Subdistrict, Samut Prakan 10280, Thailand

Opening hours: 9 am – Evening (Daily)

13) Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market

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Bang Khu Wiang floating market is also one of the traditional marketplaces in Bangkok with only fewer tourists. If you’re looking for a market without crowds of tourists, you should include this place in your itinerary. In this market, every morning you can see monks buying groceries for their temples or selling their farm-fresh products. It is a great chance to get a glimpse of some scenes that you can’t see in other market!

How to get there? The easiest option is taking a boat from Chang Pier to the market.

Location: Bang Khu Wiang, Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi 11130, Thailand

Opening hours: 4am-7pm

14) Koh Kret Island Floating Market

Photo via: Mark Viens

Koh Kret is a little island that sits in the middle of Chao Praya River which just 30 minutes from Bangkok. A weekend floating market can be found there. The sellers aren’t sell products on the boats like other markets do, but selling along the island on the river.  The famous product in this market is the handmade pottery.

How to get there? Take the Chao Phrata express boat from Spahan Taksin central pier in Bangkok to the furthest north station at Nonthaburi. After that, take a longtail boat to Koh Kret Island.

Location: Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand

Opening Hours: 6am-6pm (Weekends)

15) Wat Sai Floating Market

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A floating market located in Chom Thong district of Bangkok which will also give you a great feeling of experiencing the local culture and lifestyle of Thai people.  You can find a variety of food with reasonable prices here.

How to get there? Take a taxi directly to the market, the other option is taking bus no.43 or 120 to Wat Sai.

Location: 58/229 เอกชัย 24 Khwaeng Bang Khun Thian, Khet Chom Thong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10150, Thailand

Opening hours:  8-10am (Daily)

16) Lam Phaya Floating Market

Photo via: Richard Barrow

Lam Phaya floating market located in front of Lam Phaya temple, near the Tha Jeen River. This place is famous for fresh fruit because almost all the fruit are sold by the farmer themselves. There is a wide range of food choices in this market. You can also enjoy a variety of desserts and snacks selling such as coconut sweets, sugarcane juice, savoury fish cakes and much more. The boat rider and fish feeding activities also provided to the tourists.

How to get there? Take the bus to Nakhon Pathom District market, and then take a taxi to the minibus Lam Phaya – Thung Noi which will directly stop in front of the temple.

Location: วัดลำพญา Lam Phaya, Bang Len District, Nakhon Pathom 73130, Thailand

Opening hours: 8am-5pm (Sat & Sun)

This article is published by Travelog.
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