15 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Malaysia – 2020

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Before entering this topic, I would like to first send my blessings to all the newly-wed who are reading this article to find the most perfect honeymoon spot in Malaysia. Wishing you that the love you share together will be without end and the best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together.

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Honeymoons are the perfect fuel to start your never-ending life of Love. If you are starting to plan for your honeymoon, Malaysia is a country of romantic wonders. Islands, beaches, mountains or some cozy cutesy corners, Malaysia has got it all to keep you hooked. There are many ideal honeymoon destinations in Malaysia, and you definitely won’t be disappointed with what the country has to offer.

1. Redang Island

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A honeymoon trip on an island paradise is always the ideal one. Luckily, Malaysia is blessed with having many beautiful islands and Redang Island is one of them! Anticipate Malaysia’s best resorts, immaculate shorelines and a thriving diving scene. After featuring in a Hong Kong hit movie (Summer Holiday) in 2000, the once somewhat little-known spot has transformed into one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia for luxurious getaways

This coral island in Malaysia is known for offering memorable experiences! With the excellently preserved coral, the main attractions of Redang are snorkeling, diving and the crystal clear waters.

Tips: The best time to visit is during April – early October.

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2. Langkawi

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Most tourists come to Langkawi Island for its white-sand beaches and crystal clear water, there are definitely a lot of those beautiful beaches. Duty-free Langkawi is a jewel and a natural paradise in the whole of Southeast Asia. It’s a cluster of 99 Malaysian islands and located off the western coast of peninsular Malaysia. Grab yourself a beach-hopping tour to discover the amazing beaches. Beachside shacks sell Malaysia’s cheapest beer and sunset cocktails!

Besides, the interior of Langkawi Island, which is lush, green jungle, is also worth a visit. You’ll also be surprised at the sheer variety of hotels, resorts, homestays and guest houses available, many of which are perfect for a honeymoon.

There are so many more activities you can expect in Langkawi. For more Langkawi travel deals, click here for more information!

3. Mabul Island

I highly recommend Mabul Island as your honeymoon destination for many reasons. First, the crystal clear sea here is INCREDIBLE! A hidden island in Malaysia, Mabul Island is reputed to be one of the best places for underwater macro-photography in the world. Located in the clear waters of the Celebes Sea off the mainland of Sabah, it is surrounded by gentle sloping reefs two to 40m deep. Thanks to its seclusion, it is still an untouched bit of beauty, which makes a visit here absolutely worthwhile. It is counted among the best Malaysia islands.

Same as other beautiful islands, diving is the main activity on this island and it can be done all year round. If you are not keen on diving, you should definitely experience the ocean kayaking. Explore Mabul with your loved one in a Molokini transparent kayak to reach pristine stretches of sandy beaches, waterfront picnic areas and secret hideouts unreachable by foot.

Tips: The best time to visit is during May – October.

4. Pangkor Island

Whenever we talk about the honeymoon destinations in Malaysia, Pangkor Island is always on the list. Well, this is not without reason. Loved by the locals, this tiny island has tourist-free beaches, jungle-covered hills and hundreds of hornbills. Pangkor is one of the country’s most accessible islands, yet it is overwhelmingly the preserve of Malaysians, who head there every long weekend for a little rest and relaxation. This island is also where you can experience the local culture and lifestyle. You will meet a huge variety of amazing local cuisine and friendly people.

Book a boat ride to Pulau Jarak, a secluded island with great Marine life, and it would be a great activity to experience with your partner. You can even rent a boat for the day and explore the surrounding scenery of the island if you are more adventurous hire a canoe!

5. Tiga Island

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For the couples who love adventure, I would recommend Tiga Island. Also known as Survivor Island, Pulau Tiga first gained prominence in the 1980s when a mud volcano eruption caused a small chain of islets. There’s plenty to see and do here: spend the sunny days swimming or snorkeling in its surrounding clear waters or go kayaking. Divers can explore its underwater treasures.

Pulau Tiga has some active mud volcanoes in its highest parts. The island is a part of the Tiga Island National Park, one of the best national parks in Malaysia. You can also opt for a short hike in the jungle, visit the nearby snake island for some wildlife sightings or camp in the wildness!

Tips: The best time to visit is during December – March

6. Kota Kinabalu

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If you are looking for an amazing city for your honeymoon trip, you may consider Kota Kinabalu. This is an ideal destination for adventure seekers as this state of Sabah is a great adventure package. Having the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia, climbing Mount Kinabalu is a great experience but also a super-challenging one. Climbing through the various vegetation zones of the mountain is fascinating. You’ll go from lowland rainforest, through the cloud forest, and on to sub-alpine meadows before reaching the granite fields of the summit plateau. Due to the UNESCO-protected Kinabalu National Park carefully controls the tourist footprint, remember to do a booking before you climb.

Except for the famous Mount Kinabalu, Its beautiful waterfront, mesmerizing sunsets, bustling markets, pristine beaches, and diverse nature are bound to overwhelm you.

7. Cameron Highlands

If you are looking for a mountain and countryside style honeymoon place, Cameron Highlands is the best choice! Cameron Highland is an ideal hill honeymoon destination dotted with tea plantations, strawberry farms, lush valleys and hillslopes. This is also where you can escape from the scorching hot weather of the city and want to try something a little cooler. It is also the seat of a wondrous ecosystem which is a dream come true for nature lovers.

Not only the beautiful landscape here, but there is also a lot of activities you can explore with your partner. There are so many different kinds of farms to visit and you may also stroll around the weekend night markets.

8. Taman Negara

This is definitely not an ordinary honeymoon destination but this place will give you an unforgettable memory. If you and your partner are both an adventurous person who loves wildlife, why not visit Taman Negara. The moment you arrive at Taman Negara, you will get mesmerized by the brightly colored butterflies and its extraordinary wilderness. Undoubtedly it is the best place in Malaysia for a honeymoon to an adventurous person.

There is a lot to expect in Taman Negara. Experience walking on the world’s longest canopy walkway, visiting the aborigine village, trekking under the rainforest canopy, climbing the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia, caving, fishing, camping, observing wildlife, and many more. You can start your tour from 4 departure points – Taman Negara, Jerantut, Kuala Lumpur, and Sungai Relau.

9. Malacca

The rustic charm of the city makes it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Malaysia for those who are interested in a heritage and culture honeymoon setting. Situated on the western coast of Malaysia, Malacca reflects Dutch, British, Portuguese and Malaysian culture all at once. Although Malacca is very much focused on history, honeymooners will still find plenty of things to do for a relaxing break such as sightseeing, shopping, eating and overall relaxing.

Although Malacca is the third smallest state in Malaysia, there are still a lot of things you can expect to explore in this small state. Especially for history buffs, this historical city is a dream come true while shoppers and foodie lovers will find plenty to satisfy themselves.

10. Penang

As the most famous and the all-time favourite Island in Malaysia, Penang is one of the most ideal honeymoon destinations where you can discover many fun and exciting activities and lots of good food as well! Penang is lined with lush tropical sceneries, from palm-fringed beaches and fishing villages to dramatic jungles with incredible national parks ready for you to explore.

Spend your romantic break in one of the beach resorts overlooking pristine Batu Feringghi, or opt for one of Georgetown’s historic boutique hotels. Also, walking around Georgetown with your partner gives on a sense of nostalgia, where you can marvel at the aged storeyed houses, old streets and some colonial architecture.

11. Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s capital city is an ideal holiday destination for those who love a beautiful city life honeymoon setting. There are lots of luxurious suites, personalized service, fine-dining restaurants, and an extensive range of recreational facilities in this beautiful city.

You can enjoy sightseeing tours to iconic landmarks such as Petronas Twin Towers and Menara KL Tower, sample a wide range of local delicacies, followed by a pampering spa session at the end of the day. This is a vibrant city with a multitude of things to explore and getting around the city is easy enough thanks to the transportation system.

12. Mulu National Park

Mulu National Park is one of Nature’s most spectacular achievements and the ‘Jewels in the Crown’ of Sarawak’s expanding network of the national park. It is also the largest national park, covering 544 sq km of the primary rainforest. Yet many of Mulu’s greatest attractions lie deep below the surface. Hidden underneath the forested slopes of these mountains is one of the largest limestone cave systems in the world.

After discovering the beauty of nature, enjoy your honeymoon at the romantic Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa. Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa is an international class nature and activities destination, offering the best combination of resort activities, nature and comfort. The Resort is located just a 5-minute drive from the Gunung Mulu National Park, home of lush rainforest and some of the most amazing cave systems in the world.

13. Port Dickson

Port Dickson is a magnificent coastal town that is well known for its various beaches. With magnificent sea views and harmony atmosphere, Port Dickson has been receiving natural lovers and food enthusiasts from all over the world. While Dubai has Palm Island, Port Dickson boasts a “Hibiscus Island” which has an elegant hibiscus-like landscape seen from above. Hence, this is also one of the ideal places for a budget honeymoon trip in Malaysia.

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14. Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

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Морской парк Тунку Абдул Рахман (Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park) расположен у побережья острова Борнео в Малайзии и включает пять островов: Пулау Гайя (Pulau Gaya), Пулау Сапи (Pulau Sapi), Пулау Манукан (Pulau Manukan), Пулау Мамутик (Pulau Mamutik) и Пулау Сулуг (Pulau Sulug). «Pulau» в переводе с малайского означает «остров». Морской парк был основан в 1974 году и назван в честь первого премьер-министра независимой Малайзии Тунку Абдула Рахмана. Только Пулау-Гайя сохранил нетронутый лес семейства диптерокарповые. Мангровые леса играют жизненно важную роль в предотвращении эрозии берегов и служат питательной средой для животных. Также растут деревья пандан, эврикома длиннолистая, эвкалипты. На открытых скалистых участках преобладают примитивные цикадовые растения. Фауна включает в себя множество видов птиц и мелких млекопитающих. Среди зарегистрированных видов пернатых белобрюхие орланы, птицы-носороги, зеленые цапли, кулики, мухоловки и нектарницы. Встречается лесная ласточка, голуби и другие едоки фруктов, стаи перелетных болотных птиц, большая крачка Берга. Насекомые представлены бабочками и певчими цикадами. Наземные животные включают длиннохвостых макак, вараны, дикие кабаны, ящеры, обыкновенные носачи (находятся только на острове Гайя). В прохладное время года с ноября по февраль, цветение планктона привлекает криль (мелкие морские рачки), которые в свою очередь привлекают китовых акул, крупнейшую в мире рыбу. Также можно встретить зеленых черепах и черепах бисса. #Малайзия#Борнео#Калимантан#Острова#Malaysia#Borneo#Kalimantan#Islands

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Looking for some fun activities for your honeymoon trip? How about Island hopping? Located just 3 km from Kota Kinabalu, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park is made up of five islands– Gaya, Mamutik, Manukan, Sapi and Sulug. As the islands are only a short boat ride away from Kota Kinabalu it is a popular destination among both locals and tourists.

According to Wonderfulmalaysia, Gaya and Manukan are the biggest islands within the marine park (though Manukan is tiny compared to Gaya). Both have a few trails for those that like walking through the jungles. Manukan and Sapi are most developed, followed by Gaya. Sulug and Mamutik have almost no facilities. All islands have stunning beaches (though some are more crowded than others, especially during weekends) and all are surrounded by nice dive sites and snorkeling sites. Resorts and basic accommodation can be found at Gaya, Manukan and Mamutik.

15. Banjaran Titiwangsa

One of the romantic places to visit in Malaysia for a nature lover, Banjaran Titiwangsa is a place that will take over your senses and will offer you like a never before experienced. It is the largest continuous forest tract in Peninsular Malaysia and stretches for about 500 kilometers. It also serves as the natural water reservoir in the country.

Do not forget the famous Banjaran Retreat, this accommodation will bring your honeymoon trip to the next level. This sanctuary is located in a 22.7-acre valley and supported by 260 million-year-old towering Paleozoic limestone hills, verdant rain forest, rejuvenating geothermal hot springs, natural caves and cascading waterfalls. Come here to experience the geothermal hot springs and luxurious accommodations with your partner!

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This article is published by Travelog.
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