15 Most Beautiful Islands To Visit In Malaysia – 2020

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Stunning beaches, crystal blue sea, lapping waves and nodding palm; these are the combination of an island paradise! A visit to Malaysia’s best islands can be the best way to unwind. Lucky to say, Malaysia has hundreds of islands scattered around thousands of kilometers of coastline.

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Any list of the best islands in Malaysia is bound to be subjective, but these are the places that offer a full range of excellent beaches, plentiful tourist facilities and tropical island vibes. Islands of Malaysia will offer you a delightful variety of travel options. We have compiled the 15 Most Beautiful Island in Malaysia in this article. Have a look and see which island suits you best.

1. Perhentian Island

Kuala Terengganu
Best Time To Visit: March – November

The Perhentian Islands lies off Terengganu State’s coast in northeast Malaysia. Split into two separate islands, Besar (Big) and Kecil (Small), each Perhentian offers a specific brand of relaxation. As the name suggests, Besar is bigger in size and the resorts on Besar are more expensive and cater mostly to couples or newlyweds.

In contrast, Perhentian Kecil is a shining gem and is perfect for budget travelers. You can also learn how to dive here as the diving school here is claimed as one of Southeast Asia’s most affordable one. There were also some bars on Long Beach and you could make some backpacker friends there.

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2. Tioman Island

Best Time To Visit: March – October

Bendy palm trees and never-ending coastlines, Tioman was voted by Time’s Magazine as one of the planet’s most beautiful islands back in the 1970s. This place is also a protected nature reserve which has helped it retain its wild vibe. Its natural beauty and wildlife diversity still retain the magic of leaving one in awe.

Tioman has everything the imagination can conjure when dreaming of a tropical paradise. But this beauty comes at a price. If you love traveling without worrying about the budget, Tioman is definitely an ideal holiday place for you.

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3. Langkawi

Best Time To Visit: January – March

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Duty-free Langkawi is a jewel and a natural paradise in the whole of Southeast Asia. It’s a cluster of 99 Malaysian islands and located off the western coast of peninsular Malaysia.

Langkawi is famous for its many beautiful beaches. Grab yourself a beach-hopping tour to discover the amazing beaches. Beachside shacks sell Malaysia’s cheapest beer and sunset cocktails!

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4. Layang Layang Island

Best Time To Visit: March – August

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If you are looking for the best diving experience, come to Layang Layang Island! Surrounded by pristine waters that drop to 2,000 meters, Layang-Layang is often ranked as one of the top 10 dive sites in the world because of its remarkable array of marine life.

Layang Layang has 12 diving sites bursting with lifeforms that have never interacted with humans before. Expect enormous colorful fish, giant manta rays and tiny pygmy seahorses. Hammerhead sharks, whale sharks and bottlenose dolphins migrate through at certain times of the year. While this island is not too cheap, it is definitely a beauty worth witnessing.

5. Sipadan Island

Best Time To Visit: April – December

Another best place for scuba divers! Sipadan Island is home to 3,000 species of fish, hundreds of species of coral, an abundance of rays and sharks and large populations of green and hawksbill turtles. Diving enthusiasts around the globe descend on this tiny island near Semporna.

Unlike its neighbors, there aren’t any resorts or restaurants. Only 120 people with a special permit can visit the protected zone each day. While the island doesn’t offer any accommodation, it is still the best place to escape for a quick getaway.

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6. Redang Island

Kuala Terengganu
Best Time To Visit: April – early October

Redang Island is definitely an ideal summer holiday destination for you and your family! Anticipate Malaysia’s best resorts, immaculate shorelines and a thriving diving scene. After featuring in a Hong Kong hit movie (Summer Holiday) in 2000, the once somewhat little-known spot has transformed into one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia for luxurious getaways

This coral island in Malaysia is known for offering memorable experiences! With the excellently preserved coral, the main attractions of Redang are snorkeling, diving and the crystal clear waters.

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7. Rawa Island

Best Time To Visit: March – September

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Not all of us have opportunities to stay in a sultan’s private island. But Rawa is one. Owned by the family of the Sultanate of Johor, Rawa is a small island near Singapore.

This tropical island is a haven for those in pursuit of peace and wishes to spend a good time during the weekend. Remember to book the accommodation earlier because the choice of accommodation is limited and it can often fill up quickly. Away from the beach, holidaymakers can hike along jungle trails into the heart of Rawa Island. Here you’ll meet primates, tropical birds and supersized insects.

8. Pangkor Island

Best Time To Visit: January -February / June – September

Loved by the locals, this tiny island has tourist-free beaches, jungle-covered hills and hundreds of hornbills. Pangkor is one of the country’s most accessible islands, yet it is overwhelmingly the preserve of Malaysians, who head there every long weekend for a little rest and relaxation.

This island is also where you can experience the local culture and lifestyle. You will meet a huge variety of amazing local cuisine and friendly people.

9. Lankayan Island

Best Time To Visit: March – October / June – September

Lankayan Island is another diving paradise that lies in Sabah’s Sulu Sea, which is also a perfect place to see the underwater world! This jewel-like tiny island has been declared part of an immense Marine Protected Area to adopt the eco-tourism concept.

Lankayan is a favorite local holiday destination but is a challenge to reach. Travelers first need to get to Sandakan before boarding a 90-minute ferry. The Lankayan Island Dive Resort is another highlight of the island. Wooden overwater bungalows provide a stunning spot to spend a few nights.

10. Kapas Island

Kuala Terengganu
Best Time To Visit: March – September

Also known as Cotton Island, Kapas Island is only 2 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide. Compared to nearby islands like Perhentian and Redang, Kapas Island is much smaller and therefore less crowded. A handful of resorts and guesthouses along the beach cater to the backpacker crowd. This is among the most beautiful islands in Malaysia for those who want to lounge around the beach all day.

Kapas’s biggest appeal is its simplicity. Wi-Fi is almost non-existent giving travelers the chance to have a break. Therefore, this island provides the peaceful realities of a tropical island.

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11. Tenggol Island

Best Time To Visit: April- October

Tenggol is one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia for a private getaway, which offers a range of activities from snorkeling to diving and jungle trekking. t not only lets you enjoy privacy but also comfort, making your holiday a beautiful memory you would cherish for lifelong. If you are seeking tranquility then this is one of the best Malaysian islands.

There are over 20 dive spots that offer unforgettable underwater experiences for beginners and exciting adventures for experienced divers. Another highlight of this island is you can spot whale shark here! Tenggol is located along with the whale sharks migratory route normally from August to October every year.

12. Mabul Island

Best Time To Visit: May – October

The crystal clear sea here is INCREDIBLE! A hidden island in Malaysia, Mabul Island is reputed to be one of the best places for underwater macro-photography in the world. Located in the clear waters of the Celebes Sea off the mainland of Sabah, it is surrounded by gentle sloping reefs two to 40m deep. Thanks to its seclusion, it is still an untouched bit of beauty, which makes a visit here absolutely worthwhile. It is counted among the best Malaysia islands.

Same as other beautiful islands, diving is the main activity on this island and it can be done all year round. If you are not keen on diving, you should definitely experience the ocean kayaking. Explore Mabul in a Molokini transparent kayak to reach pristine stretches of sandy beaches, waterfront picnic areas and secret hideouts unreachable by foot.

13. Sibu Island

Best Time To Visit: April – September

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Consist of four islands in the South China sea, Sibu island is the best island to visit in Malaysia. Spending the whole day sunning on the beach, soaking into the sea, it is best to go for a spa and relax. Most resorts offer spa services, sauna and even gym for those who prefer to having their time indoor than performing activities under the glaring sun.

There are many interesting activities one can be involved in such as fishing, jungle trekking, scuba diving and snorkeling. It has its very own dive spots with nice coral reefs in the crystal clear water for the water sports lovers. There are various packages offered by the chalet and resorts regarding outdoor activities. You then can pick any one of it according to your itinerary and preferences.

14. Pom Pom Island

Best Time To Visit: May – August

Pom Pom Island has rich tropical vegetation and is surrounded by white sand and the turquoise waters of the Celebes Sea. It is probably one of the most beautiful islands on the planet for both divers and non-divers. It is well known for the abundance of Pom Pom trees and great diving spots in the area. It is also a prominent feeding and nesting space for hawkbill and green turtles.

The dreamy atmosphere of the resort is also made for couples desiring a grand beach wedding, and honeymooners looking for a romantic destination to celebrate their love.

15. Tiga Island

Best Time To Visit: December – March

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Also known as Survivor Island, Pulau Tiga first gained prominence in the 1980s when a mud volcano eruption caused a small chain of islets. There’s plenty to see and do here: spend the sunny days swimming or snorkeling in its surrounding clear waters or go kayaking. Divers can explore its underwater treasures.

This is a perfect island for adventure seekers! Pulau Tiga has some active mud volcanoes in its highest parts. The island is a part of the Tiga Island National Park, one of the best national parks in Malaysia. You can also opt for a short hike in the jungle, visit the nearby snake island for some wildlife sightings or camp in the wildness!

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This article is published by Travelog.
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